Breakfast of Champions – Restaurant L’Avenue du Plateau (Montreal)

Montreal loves its breakfasts. Our family regularly has breakfast for supper and when I announce this treat, my husband gets giddy. Let’s just say that if L’Avenue was down the block, you’d have to roll me there because I’d have gained so much weight from eating there daily. Needless to say, L’Avenue serves an amazing breakfast/brunch.

Sadly, we haven’t been to this part of town in a while and as I write this (and drool to the thought of their awesome breakfast sandwiches) I find myself planning a trip to the Plateau just to begin the day with their food. The last time we were there, my son was young enough to sleep in his bassinet. And that’s why I’m writing this post.

I googled the restaurant because (like I said) I was dreaming of B-fast and I noticed quite a few resto review sites rate this restaurant poorly for kid-friendliness. I’d like to explain and dispel this myth.

I think the reason most people rate L’Avenue so poorly for child/family friendliness is because it’s so jam-packed. Not only is it common to wait outside the restaurant for a table (actually, I’d be worried if there isn’t a line on the weekend) but once you’re inside, you can barely move. Of course, this is all part of the charm. It’s a greasy, noisy, crowded and delicious joint–people will either love it or hate it.

True to new-motherhood, I arrived with a huge diaper bag loaded with junk I will never, ever need or use and an equally gigantic stroller equipped with a mammoth-sized bassinet (my toddler could still fit in this). To be exact, it was the Quinny stroller with the Dreami bassinet attachment and I promise to blog about it one day. Just for laughs, I’ll picture it below:


The Quinny stroller with Dreami bassinet attachment

And so I arrived with a screaming infant in this behemoth and my husband dragging the diaper bag. Let’s just say that everyone had to move their chairs for me to push the stroller through to our table but no one cared and most people gave me empathetic smiles. The waitstaff was super accommodating given the tiny space that each table is allotted and they all worked together to give us the booth near the back of the restaurant (less foot traffic meant less maneuvering the stroller).

This is a small restaurant and I think expanding it might change the appeal. Perhaps this restaurant isn’t the best for gigantic strollers (umbrella stroller next time) but it is certainly child/family-friendly. The unique decor will certainly appeal to any child and the general atmosphere is lively and entertaining. The food is delicious and the menu caters to smaller bellies.

Overall? A definite Yes.

Location: 922, ave. du Mont-Royal E (corner rue St-Andre), Montreal, H2J 1X2. (514) 523-8780


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