Celebrating in style – Le Petit Gym (The Little Gym) Mont-Royal


Having fun at Le Petit Gym (The Little Gym) in Montreal

We were invited to Le Petit Gym (The Little Gym) for a 4-year-old’s birthday party. The Little Gym is a franchise with locations around the world so I was expecting something really cool (this was our first experience). I can’t comment on the classes they offer as I have yet to experience those but the birthday party was a blast! As you can see from my son’s face above, he adored the gym time.

This specific location is difficult to find. The address is 100 Rockland Road but the entrance is on Dunbar Street and I didn’t find it particularly well-marked. After circling the area and cursing my iPhone map for 15 minutes, my husband and I finally found the (poorly marked) sign for Le Petit Gym. Clearly this is a location that you need to know is there because drive-by sightings wouldn’t spot the entrance. Also, “The Little Gym” and “Le Petit Gym” don’t list this TMR (Town of Mont Royal) location so you REALLY have to know that it’s there. I’ve driven on Rockland Road hundreds of times and never knew it was there…

Unfortunately their website doesn’t provide much information about the rates and schedules. Each franchise is individually owned and operated so you would have to call for specific rates and information. Oddly, the website for Le Petit Gym doesn’t list this specific location (even though it’s an official franchise) and it has its own (separate) website. See below for links.

The party ran for an hour and a half and that was plenty for a child’s party. It begins with gym time: the gym area is filled with gymnastic-related equipment with safety mats everywhere to prevent any major injuries. For example, they have a balance beam, a set of steady rings, plenty of floor mats and an air-inflated bouncy mat. The bouncy mat was the highlight for the older children but my toddler son wasn’t so keen on the unsteady ground. Overall, they have quite a large collection of activities for all ages and most fitness levels. I was hoping for a playground area with a slide and perhaps some swings but I assume that that doesn’t fit with their kindergym mission.

After the gym time–about 45 minutes–all the kids gather into the adjoining party room. One thing that really struck me throughout: the place was spotless! The bathroom was very clean; the gym and eating area were also well-maintained. They ask that you remove your boots/shoes and I never felt icky about having to be in my socks–even when I went to the washroom. Overall, Le Petit Gym is well-organized and the staff is chirpy and helpful.

I highly recommend this gym for children of all ages. Even if my son wasn’t able to participate in all the gym’s activities or use all the equipment, he still loved watching the other children playing and he eventually found his own style of fun. Ultimately, I think that’s what the gym seeks to promote: a fun, safe and creative environment designed to foster confidence, fitness and friendship.

A few sites to explore:




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