Montreal’s Best Ice Cream


Not only has Spring sprung but Summer has strummed her lovely tune! May Day was gorgeous in Montreal! We celebrated the warm evening by treating ourselves to some tasty ice cream. It doesn’t quite feel like summer until we’ve enjoyed our first Montreal cone.

Here are some of the best spots for enjoying ice cream in Montreal (in no particular order):


  • Yeh!: Yes, the name says it all. They put a neat spin on fro-yo (frozen yogurt); the flavors and toppings are self-serve and you pay by weight once you’ve created your masterpiece. Locations: http://www.yehyogourt.com/emplacement.php
  • Bilboquet: Wowzers! They really put the “art” in artisan ice cream (sorry, cheesy). But honestly, their fresh, homemade ice cream is simply divine! My personal favorite is the coconut sorbet. Locations: http://www.bilboquet.ca/adresses.html
  • Ben & Jerry’s: An obvious one! I wish they had more locations in Montreal because the line-ups on warm nights are absurd. For example, in my crazy youth, I once waited almost two hours for a cone (Crescent St. store). Locations: http://www.benandjerrys.ca/scoop-shops;jsessionid=B83C2A183C6AEBFAF328CAD3E87D40D9.bnj1_worker
  • La Cremiere: Their soft-serve ice cream is second to none. Known for their spiral cone (swirls of caramel, chocolate, or strawberry intertwined with the ice cream), they have many, many locations and most malls have at least one booth to serve you their delicious dessert. Locations: http://www.lacremiere.com/en/boutiques.php
  • Dairy Queen: Anther common choice but for good reason: they serve the blizzard! Named the blizzard because it’s a tornado of ice cream and your choice of topping, it’s their signature ice cream and one of my favs. Mmmm. Locations: http://www.dairyqueen.com/ca-en/Locator/?
  • La Dolce Vita: If you are in the West Island, I highly recommend this gelato shop. They make some of the finest gelato I’ve had since…Italy! They also have great combo suggestions–trust their choices. Location: 3776 St Charles, Kirkland, H9H 3C6.
  • Orange Julep: Ok, fine. Off-topic. But they do serve ice cream! Go ahead and order the ice cream if you have room after their delicious, greasy food and awesome orange drink. It’s a landmark. You have to try it at least once! Location: 7700 Boulevard Decarie, Montreal, H4P 2H4.
  • Twist et Creme: A childhood favorite had to be included. My father and I used to bike to this run-down shack of an ice cream stand and I loved every minute of it. I relived that with my son tonight–it was great! Yes, the decor is shabby and the “stand” is in the middle of a parking lot but it’s a West Island landmark as much as the Orange Julep is in TMR (Town of Mont Royal). They make greaaaat brownie sundaes. Location: 11898 Gouin O, Montreal, H1C 1B8.

Scream for free B&J ice cream!


Yes, folks, you read that correctly. On April 9th, 2013, Ben & Jerry’s will be offering free ice cream cones at participating locations across Canada & the US. It’s their way of saying thank you to their customers–pretty sweet, eh?

The weather is finally starting to warm up and this little freebie might just be the hint Mother Nature needs to get her act together and give us a glimpse of the beloved Montreal summer. I’m already imaging my son’s delighted face covered with ice cream and loving every moment of his first (yes, first) B&J cone.

So what will you choose? The classic favorite Cherry Garcia or perhaps you will be a little adventurous and try the Late Night Snack? It’s a hard choice: because it’s a freebie I’m inclined to try something different but I’m also very attached to my New York Super Fudge Chunk. Such are the dilemmas we face on Free Cone Day!

I hope everyone braves the lines–and there will be lines–to sample one of the amazing flavors created by these native Vermonters. Enjoy your free scoop!

The following four locations in Montreal are offering a free scoop on April 9th, 2013:
Ben & Jerry’s McGill College
1200 McGill College, 
Montreal, QC H3B 4G7

Ben & Jerry’s De Maisonneuve

1316 De Maisonneuve Street West, 
Montreal, QC H3G2P4

Ben & Jerry’s Monkland

5582 Monkland Avenue, (Corner Marcil)
Montreal, QC H4A1C9

Ben & Jerry’s Old Montreal
433 Place Jacques Cartier 
Montreal, QC H2Y3B1

Check their website for many other locations: